Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Essential Pieces - Music Production

For major albums and artists who care about the creating an album that will appeal to the masses, a music producer is an essential piece of the puzzle. The producer is responsible for the overall sound and outcome of an album. They are responsible for arranging, composing, coordinating, recording, and completing a music album.

Every album is becomes own project, and has a unique set of needs that will need to be tended to during that overall creation of the album. Music Producers needs to adaptable to whatever the needs of the album become, and need to be able to deal artist visions, which can be difficult at times. There are five main core responsibilities that each music producer must do when creating and album. They are overseeing the recording process, song arrangement, being the music director, master of instrumental layout, and the product manager

Overseeing the Recording Process

As the music producer you will be in-charge of the recording, mixing and mastering part of the recording process. You may not the one running the technical part of the board, that is for the recording engineer. But you will need to be listening the every little thing and making the song sound the best that it can through all the different parts of the process.

Song Arrangement

The song arrangement is the process where you are laying out the song and breaking it into different sections, like verses, choruses, and bridges. Then your duty is to arrange them so that it will optimize that song and send the message of the song in the best way possible.

Being the Musical Director

Being the musical director has its good and bad points to it. On the good side, you can help guide the direction of the overall music that you are trying to capture. On the bad side, from time to time you will get resistance from the artist(s) that may not share the same vision as you. If you are daft in your manner this can usually be avoided.

Master of Instrumental Layout

Most all producer were (or still are) a member of a band. Great Producers have a good understanding of how to get that most out of a particular instrument, and which types get the sound that you would be looking for your particular album.

The Product Manager

Being the product manager means that you will be in-charge of the overall product that will be delivered. It will be responsibility to deliver a product that will convert in to sales and appeal to a mass audience.

Following these 5 core concepts will move you towards become an accomplished and excellent music producer. Remember that you will need to hone your craft and continually grow to be the best possible that you can be!

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