Saturday, March 19, 2011

Music Production Basics

You must take your work seriously, whether it is just a hobby or you are aligning yourself seriously about it, you should take the work involved seriously. I am going to mention a few things now that you should mull over and see if any of the points I make apply to you in any way, shape or form.

Set Time Aside For Your Music

If you want something to be completed you are going to need to give it some time. When planting seeds, they will not start to grow the instant you put them into the ground and bare fruit by sundown/sunrise you need to tend the ground until they shoot and look after them. You need to assign time to specific goals and things you know you need to know. Having set times when you will be practice, whether it is playing, mixing or going over some music theory. You need to put the time in, effectively.

Understand Influence and Understand Incompetence

This may sound a little hostile but it is best to understand this from the start. A musician is like an explorer and they are looking for something new that they can call their own, or another way to look at it would be within a music production analogy; In a mix, everything has its place within the whole audio frequency threshold, if all the frequency were the same yet from different instruments. It would sound terrible. Be influenced by other artists, do not try to replicate them. You can find personal influence in anything at all that you see, feel, touch or hear. You do not need to copy other people's style to be accepted.

Do Not Bankrupt Yourself 

When people start out producing or writing music, or even along the way, the number one mistake people make is getting caught up on marketing ploys or being seduced into believing a piece of hardware of software will turn them into an amazing producer or musician without having to gain so knowledge or feel within the area. It will not. You need a basic set up and that is all. Once you have honed your craft you can go and experiment with a little cash. Going along to big stores and trying out all the pieces of equipment is an unbeatable thing to do, you get to see what is good for you.

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